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NORTHSTAR Laptop Battery are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. We offers a complete line of NORTHSTAR batteries and compatible replacements for most laptop models. We have developed a NORTHSTAR Laptop Battery finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your laptop . Your first step is to choose your NORTHSTAR model from the list below.

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Laptop Computer Batteries: Volts, Amps and MilliAmp Hours (mAh)

All laptop computer batteries have electrical specifications that include its volt and milliAmp hour rating. These terms are abbreviated as we see in the following example: 10.8V, 4000mAhWhat do these terms mean, and why should you care about the specifications of laptop computer batteries?Volts - or V - are an electrical measure of energy potential. You can think of it as the pressure being exerted by all the electrons at a laptop computer batteries negative terminal as they try to move to the ...

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